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Artificial Grass Installation In Essex

At ACH Landscapes you will be working with a family-run business based in Romford, Essex who has over 20 years of experience in landscaping and garden design. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with only the highest quality and workmanship. Whether you just want to be confident you are in the right hands for your basics on grass or you are looking for a complete redesign with artificial grass in Essex, we are here to help. We will work with you to come to a solution for your grass needs that accommodates your budget, garden space, and lifestyle.

Fake Grass Fitters in Essex

There are now more people than ever choosing to have low-maintenance, all-weather Fake grass or Artificial grass for their garden spaces. There are many benefits that Fake Grass Essex can offer you compared to natural turf. With increasingly extreme and unpredictable weather patterns in the UK, garden lovers have moved towards other options thanks to their durability and low maintenance, making artificial Grass the best option in Essex.

Ultra-realistic and top-quality fake grass is extremely versatile and will refine the look of any garden space including shaded areas where natural grass usually struggles to grow and thrive. This includes pool areas, indoor areas, balconies, and terraces.

You can also retire your lawn-mower and forget about mess, watering, mud, and weeding, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your garden. It’s time for you to enjoy the hassle-free benefits that come from fake grass in Essex with ACH Landscapes and get in touch with us today.

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Different Types of Artificial Grass & Fake Grass Essex

Artificial grass is carefully constructed to look as natural as possible using high-quality synthetic fibers. In fact, it is now nearly impossible to tell the difference between fake grass and natural grass.

We offer a wide variety of different types of artificial grass in Essex, so you will be able to choose a type that suits your personal taste and works with your natural environment.

The three different types available are:

Polypropylene Artificial Grass Turf

Polypropylene is an option that many businesses and homeowners choose. It is available in a range of styles and it is extremely budget-friendly. It’s perfect for use in smaller areas, like a putting green, or a small garden.

Polyethylene Artificial Grass Turf

This is considered the mid-range of artificial turf, it has a slightly more natural and softer look compared to Polypropylene, it is also more durable. You will have a tough time telling the difference between this and natural grass. This type is ideal for any application including pool areas, play areas, whole lawns, and landscape edging.

Nylon Artificial Turf Grass

If durability is your main focus, then you can’t go wrong with Nylon artificial grass Essex. It has the capability of withstanding excessive weight, high temperatures while still retaining its original form. This type is usually used in smaller projects or alongside polyethylene turf to provide extra strength and stability.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass

All properties can benefit from having artificial grass for their outside space. Some of the clear benefits of having artificial grass installed include;

  • Minimal Maintenance - If you feel like you do not have time to maintain your garden or find it challenging to do so, artificial grass could be perfect for your property! Artificial grass is a great way to modernise the exterior of your property without having to waste time on maintaining and building it.
  • Cost-Effective - Artificial grass has grown in popularity over the years due to how cost-effective it can be. It can withstand a lot and can last for years! It may seem expensive when you first purchase it; however, the value of money is shown through its long life of improving your home for many years.
  • Does Not Require Sunlight - With artificial grass, you do not have to worry about the amount of sunlight that gets to your garden, as you can have grass fitted for your whole outside space. Many people find that their garden is not as green as they would like as they would wish due to shade. You can have a wholly shaded, green garden with artificial grass!
  • Safe For Pets & Children - Many people fear that artificial grass contains harmful pesticides or chemicals and, therefore, can be dangerous. However, artificial grass is completely safe for children and pets to roll around on! They can enjoy the grass without getting covered in mud too!
  • Ideal For Recreational Areas - Artificial grass is the ideal option for exercise-related areas such as tennis courts and football turfs. They prevent puddles and build-up of dirt and mud, providing a smoother terrain for sports events. It is also highly tear-resistant, meaning that lots of running around should not ruin the grass.
  • Does Not Need Watering - With artificial grass, you do not need to waste money on expensive sprinklers or waste time watering your grass. Artificial grass reduces water usage, making it a better option for the environment.

Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is artificial grass? - Artificial grass is a perfect alternative to natural grass. It is fake grass made from polyethene, created to provide your garden with a variety of benefits. For example, artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, meaning that it is perfect for individuals who cannot keep on top of garden maintenance for any reason.
  • How much does artificial grass cost? - The cost of artificial grass can vary depending on many factors. For example, how much grass you require to be installed. The cost of the installation of artificial grass can vary from £55-£105 per metre squared.
  • How do I clean artificial grass? - It is extremely simple to clean artificial grass, another reason to have it installed. Artificial grass can be cleaned with washing up liquid and warm water mixed in a spray bottle. Just spray over the artificial grass with the solution and rinse away with the hose!
  • Can you hoover artificial grass? - It is okay to hoover artificial grass as it can become dirty and become covered in debris. However, it is not recommended. We recommend that you use a rake or broom to clear up your artificial grass instead of hoovering as it can damage it.
  • What is under fake grass? - The area that lies under artificial grass is known as a sub-base. This sub-base is mainly made up of a gravel or sand mixture. However, sub-bases can be made up of concrete or even wood.
  • Is artificial grass safe for pets and children? - Many individuals avoid choosing artificial grass for their garden as they believe that it contains toxic chemicals. However, artificial grass is completely safe to use and cannot harm pets or children.
  • Will animal waste ruin fake grass? - Animal waste does not ruin or break down artificial grass, and waste will need to be cleared up, as it does with natural grass. There is no need to worry about your pets when choosing artificial grass as it is similar to natural grass.
  • What is artificial grass made from? - Artificial grass is made up of three primary materials. These include polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon. Polyethylene is a long-lasting material and is also gentle on the skin. Polypropylene is the material that makes artificial grass resilient and tough, and nylon is also a strong and resilient material used.
  • How long does artificial grass last? - Artificial grass must be taken care of properly if you want it to last for a long time. If it is cared for as required, fake grass can last up to 15-20 years. The better you maintain it, the longer that it can last.
  • How does the sun affect artificial grass? - Artificial grass is not affected by the sun as it is UV-stabilised for protection against it. This is done to protect the grass from any discolouration or fading. This way, the artificial grass keeps its bright colour, keeping your garden green.
  • Is fake grass bad for the environment? - Artificial grass can save water as you are not using water for natural grass. This can reduce the cost of your water bills. However, fake grass contains microplastics that can cause pollution.

Maintaining Your Artificial Grass In Essex

If you want to keep your artificial grass looking its best your need to take care of it by:

  • Brushing it regularly
  • Picking up leaves and other debris
  • Be mindful of the heat

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